These classes are design for connection, spiritual growth and discipleship. 

For More Information regarding these classes  contact: thc.theharvestchurch@gmail.com

  • H1

    H1 is our Tuesday evening bible study at 7p. This class provides the opportunity for you to learn practical biblical truths and challenges areas in your life that will force you to grow. This class is designed to assist you in your discipleship. 

  • h2

    H2  is our TNT-Tuesday Noon Day Teaching. This is a time of discipleship, prophetic teaching, activations, prayer, worship, deliverance and intercession. The EXPECTation and the environment is healthy and conducive for the miraculous! 

  • H3

    H3 focuses on clergy, those who recognize the divine calling on their life. In this class, the clergy are taught, trained and encouraged to do the work of the ministry. This class is solely for elders, ministers, evangelist, deacons and all five-fold ministry gifts. 

  • h4

    H4  is your connection class to becoming a Harvest Disciple. You will meet Pastor Lisa and find out what The Harvest Church is all about: vision, mission, strategies and goals. Class dates and times are posted in our Communicator and at our Crop Stop.